March 12th, 2015

kdb+ meetup

I attended the great Introduction to kdb+ and kdb+ in a FREE 32bit world Meetup last evening. That was wonderful time. (I don't regret the time spent there.) I had already known a bit about J, some APL dialect. It is a nice background which allows to go deeper into the Q and understand what problem I can solve with kdb+ and how I can do it. So, next summer I would try to develop smth.

Actually, presenters promised that they will come in next year. You will know about syntax and semantics of Q (and a bit of K). You will see real-time demo of kdb+ abilities, feel strong and weaks sides of kdb+ usage, You can try it on the next conference. See you soon.

Kdb+ is a real-time OLAP database with embedded languages to interact with: Q and K.
"The world's most powerful number cruncher" as KX tells us about their database.
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